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Founded in 2017,
Eldridge Tax Services Specializes in
Personal Tax Return Preparation

Introducing Our Firm

The foundation of our firm encompasses meeting the needs of our clients with expertise.

Eldridge Tax Services was established in 2017 to responsibly meet the need of taxpayers through accurate income tax return preparation.  The educational background and industry experiences gained by our team while practicing before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) began prior to the founding of our firm.  Our experiences have led to developing a team with a diverse and specialized expertise.

We are passionate about providing quality services.

Introducing our law firm

Our Business Sectors

Entrepreneurs looking to establish the appropriate entrepreneurial model, determine that entities legal structure, and incorporate can access our experienced advisors and services.

Notary Public services are available to verify the authenticity of transactions.  


Personal Tax Returns

Federal, state, and local tax return preparation and filing services are available. Our firm is accessible year-round for those needing to amend their tax returns or to file a return after its due date.


Personal + Small Business Returns

Small businesses must report the company's income, tax deductions, and tax payments. Business owners are encouraged to work with our firm throughout the year. Establishing integrity is key to longevity. 


Health Care Business Consulting

Business consulting within the Health Care service industry is readily accessible.  We have experience working with businesses and providers in various medical service areas.


Notary Services

Notary Public services are available to verify the authenticity of transactions.  

Business Sectors

Like Mothers, Taxes Are Often Misunderstood, But Seldom Forgotten.

Lord Bramwell (19th Century English Jurist)

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